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ASTA, our flagship product, is the simplest way to create robust, full-featured, Internet-enabled applications. ASTA's innovative architecture allows you to exceed the limited capabilities of the browser and produce real applications that are not limited by HTML and web browsers.

ASTA can scale from desktop applications, to LAN applications, all the way up to applications that run over a worldwide WAN like the Internet; you can develop software once and deploy it at any scale.

ASTA was designed to ease the transition to multi-tier development. Our powerful hybrid components allow you to become successful leveraging the skills you already have. At the same time, the components are flexible enough to grow with your skills. Whether you wish to manipulate objects at the server or send SQL from the client, ASTA allows you to succeed! Our end-to-end component suite moves corporate data as easily as the Web moves text and graphics.

ASTA dramatically reduces an application's life-cycle costs; resulting in faster development, easier maintenance and near-zero administration. An ASTA client requires no client configuration - just the executable.

ASTA 3 for Windows and AstaInterOp for Windows

ASTA3 for Windows is the original ASTA product released in July 1998 and used in production in thousands of deployed applications around the world in over 80 countries. ASTA 3 can be used with Delphi 3,4,5,6 and 7, Delphi 2006 and  2007 as well as C++ Builder 4,5 and 6.

ASTA4 is available for unicode versions of Delphi including Delphi  XE through XE6.

AstaInterOp uses native blocking sockets It can be used with Delphi 5,6 and 7. AstaIO2 can be used on XE5.